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Courses & Services

ALL services you get access to:

  • Weekly Zoom calls on Sunday planning out the week for a level up with goal setting and trading updates (examples on youtube 730am GMT unless updated in announcement tab)
  • Resources tab to learn and earn
  • Our private trading chat on telegram (community of traders)
  • Dates for our exclusive meet ups
Full Trading Course

Our Forex course with 2 main categories teaching you day trading and swing trading.

  • Over 50 hours of content
  • Up to date with the latest videos
  • Full A-Z in trading from understand pips to full trading psychology
  • It is for all level traders
  • See our testimonials
  • Beginners and profitable traders have enrolled onto the course to level up.
1 Month Free Signals – Cancel anytime – Discounted rate at £34.99 pm
Analysis & Signals

Learn & Earn & Analysis

  • The objective is to learn and earn, to be able to copy my trades but also understand why i trade them
  • You will also have access to our resources tab where you can learn also with videos, work sheets and much more
  • You will also have access to our community chat for as long as you are part of the signals
  • Access to our announcement tabs
Works out less than $2 a day where content is updated weekly with worksheets and more + the weekly calls 

About Me

My name is Dan Cheung born in and raised in the UK, and raised from a single mum who worked 3 jobs just to make ends meet. My goal is now to take things to an abundant level. Right now I would say I am at stage 2 of my stage 5 life, where I explain this in more detail in the video coming soon.


WChampFX is a family. we are am building a community of amazing people who are finding their true calling Which is a type of fulfilment like no other. You are not just joining to learn to trade, you are joining a environment where positivity flows, like minded people learn from each other and want to just be the best version of themselves


A bit about me, quick run down is I have had humble beginnings – everyone has their story here’s mine.

We really struggled growing up with money as a whole, I even remember trying to live off of £10 $13 a week for food at one point at University. Then a lot of impactful things happened to me and I finally got fed up with my situation and got rid of the mindset that money is negative and took time to understand it, studied a lot about the universe, law of attraction, mindset and just how to be a better human you know?

This brought me into trading and then it took me 4 years of failing before I started to see some sort of success, and then I was consistent for a few years of profits which was enough to make a living but not significant enough for my calling, hence the journey to become a 8 figure trader. Depending on when you are reading this, I will be on this journey either 10% 50% or already achieved.

If you want to join this journey, don’t hold back and just hit me up in the course! See you inside.

Full story on the video on the right ->

Trading nut interview


"Success in mentoring isn’t what I achieved, it’s what I’ve helped others achieve"

Free Resources

3 Step guide to get you started in trading, complete free guide
All the funded platforms available in 2022 with us as experienced traders reviewing and breaking it down to see the pros and cons
Trading Strategy to help get started in creating your own strategy
All the funded platforms available in 2022 with us as experienced traders reviewing and breaking it down to see the pros and cons

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