About Me

I'm Dan Cheung, born and raised in the UK, with humble beginnings. My goal now is to take things to an abundant level.

Single mum working 3 jobs to make ends meet early on. Wifey supporting me when I had nothing; only £40 to last a month for food during Uni. Now mum has her business class to Hong Kong, wifey gets a new car. It's crazy how life can change.

Trading has always been my pot of gold, but recently it has really leveled me up. I never gave up. I was resilient and followed my own journey. This is only the start. God is truly blessing me. Put me through trials and tribulations, and I've come out of it stronger, smarter, richer, and believe you have the potential too.

WChampFX is a family, a community of amazing people who are finding their true calling. It's a type of fulfilment like no other. You're not just joining to learn to trade, you're joining an environment where positivity flows, like minded people learn from each other and want to just be the best version of themselves.

Learn & Earn


"I was already trading however Dan helped me become more profitable and more consistent in my trading... This pushed me to be a funded trader trading 6 figures within a 9 month period of being in the Winners Circle."

Antoine - UK

"Overall the course gave me a really good sense of direction on my technical analysis and psychology in my trading. I decided to do 1-1 with Dan a few months after joining... It's not just trading that he’s helped me with, it's personal things as well such as helping me to become the man I aspire to be, guiding me to which books I need to read, and which videos I should watch to be able to get there."

Michael - UK

"I would 10/10 recommend Dan because of his work ethic, kindness, and no BS that I've seen. When we're all working towards the same goal, it's great to have the community back you up, and we can all grow together... which is what Dan has provided in our family."

Hoai - US